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Make September all about you

A relaxing and calm atmosphere at Keativ Dental Clinic
A relaxing and calm atmosphere at Keativ Dental Clinic

For many, September offers the opportunity to make a fresh start when it comes to healthy habits and feeling better about yourself. One such way to begin this journey is by looking at your dental health.

“Despite being a natural performer from a young age, I never felt confident enough to open my mouth to talk, sing or laugh because of how my teeth looked,” says model Claire Tracey.

To top that off, Claire had a huge fear of dentists and says that, even when she plucked up the courage to go, she never got the results she wanted.

“I felt that I was handing out a lot of money for dentists,” says Claire, “but my teeth were still troubling me. Eventually, I stopped going to the dentist but as a result, I developed tooth decays which caused me serious pain.”

Mary Flanagan, Irish representative of Kreativ Dental Clinic in Budapest, can relate to how Claire was feeling.

“My teeth used to really affect my confidence,” says Mary. “When speaking to people, I always tried to cover my mouth with my hand and I never smiled for photographs with my teeth showing. I also wasn’t able to chew certain foods because it was often painful.”

Mary Flanagan, Irish representative of Kreativ Dental Clinic

Treating yourself

Over the space of 10 years, Mary had root canal treatments, crowns fitted which later fell out, and eight teeth extracted in Ireland, due to the failure of her root canals.

“I was told by an Irish dentist that my only option was dentures, and another told me getting work done would cost up to €60,000. But, when I visited Kreativ Dental Clinic in Budapest, I ended up having eight implants and 26 porcelain crowns fitted at the much lower price-tag of €12,000, plus €400 for my flights.

“I saved money, got my confidence back and, today, I couldn’t be happier with my teeth.”

When Claire decided to look into getting treatment done abroad, she contacted Mary about booking a consultation at Kreativ Dental Clinic and started to feel more at ease about dental clinics when she heard about Mary’s own experience.

“I had an abscess then in the back of my mouth, which I had put off for a very long time,” says Claire. “But because they can be so dangerous, I knew I had to do something about it. So, I contacted Mary, the Irish representative of Kreativ Dental, and she assured me that everything was going to be okay.

“When I arrived at Kreativ Dental, I felt my initial nerves and fear of dentists disappear. The clinic is like a hotel and the staff were so welcoming and lovely. They carried out an OPG X-ray, which was examined by the team of specialists, and gave me a treatment plan. To my surprise, the severity of my case wasn’t as bad as I had expected. In fact, I didn’t need as much treatment as I had been previously advised.

“There was no pain whatsoever throughout the treatment and I actually found that once one procedure was done, I was trying to find some other reason to go back to Kreativ Dental and Budapest!”

Kreativ Dental owner Attila Knott with the ITMJ Award

Next steps

Awarded ‘International Dental Clinic of the Year 2018’ by medical travel publication the International Medical Travel Journal, Kreativ Dental Clinic has been providing quality dental care for over 17 years.

“The oral surgeons and dental specialists have years of experience in their respective fields of dentistry, and treatments include implants, root canals, and full porcelain crowns, along with many others,” says Mary. “The team will speak to you in detail about the exact treatment you need and provide a full written breakdown of costs. At Kreativ Dental Clinic, you can make savings of approximately 60pc. And, consultations are free.

“But, there is no pressure put on you to decide whether to go through with the treatment or not – it is entirely up to you if you want to take the next step.”

In 2017, approximately 3,000 patients from Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK, as well as patients worldwide, travelled over to Kreativ Dental Clinic. To meet with this demand, a second clinic called Kreativ Dental 2 was built next to the first clinic, and plans are well underway for a third. The new clinic is expected to open early next year.

One of the other advantages of booking a trip to the clinic is the fact that the city of Budapest is waiting to be explored. Some must-visits include the Thermal Baths, the Parliament Building and the Bálna, a cultural and entertainment centre which is home to an art gallery, stores, restaurants and views of the Danube river. To make the most of your journey, consider booking near to the festive season – the oldest and internationally acclaimed Budapest Christmas fair in Vorosmarty Square begins on November 9th.

Mary, who helps to secure the best-value flights and hotel accommodation, advises: “Try to book your flights at least two months beforehand, as the clinic appointments fill up quickly. And, the sooner flights are booked, the less expensive it will be!”

For more information, visit kreativdentalclinic.eu or call Mary on (01) 805 5526 or (086) 029 9998

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