Friday 17 January 2020

Live life and treat yourself, guilt-free

How often do you treat yourself? Perhaps it’s something you seldom do, or maybe you wait for payday to indulge in some self-love. Or are you the type to reward yourself whenever the fancy takes you?

 Interestingly, it seems you are likely to be one or the other. Research shows that our ‘treating’ habits are dictated by our age, gender and even if we have children or not.

It is somewhat surprising that our financial situation doesn’t influence our treating habits as much as you might think. While some people wait until payday when their bank account feels flush to treat themselves, 50pc of people surveyed said they would treat themselves at any time, with just 37pc saying they reward themselves just after they get paid.

When it comes to the gender divide, 41pc of females are more likely to reward themselves after they have been paid compared to 33pc of males, while 57pc of men would reward themselves at any time compared to 42pc of women.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, just 36pc of parents said they would treat themselves at any time. Having children can incur many costs - school fees, day care costs, school uniforms, sporting equipment, plus daily household needs - and they all add up. Conversely, 57pc of people surveyed who do not have children said they would treat themselves whenever they wanted.

While we all treat ourselves in different ways, most of us do it for the same reason; the feel-good factor. But rewarding ourselves doesn’t just feel good, it can also be important to maintaining our wellbeing. Modern life is fast-paced, demanding and often tiring. Taking some time to treat ourselves is important as it allows us to slow down and enjoy the moment.

82pc of people surveyed counted happiness as integral to living life. Rewarding ourselves can brighten up our day and bring about some joy. Rewards needn’t be elaborate or time consuming- whether it’s taking an hour in our favourite coffee shop with a good book and slice of cake or spending our lunch break having a mini manicure, it’s often the little things that add up to making us feel happier. 68pc of people surveyed agreed it is important to reward yourself and 75pc said they enjoy treating someone else as much as they themselves. 

Really living life means enjoying it to the full and treating ourselves can be a way to combat stress, act as a pick-me-up and help us be present in a busy world. Bank of Ireland and Visa have launched a new loyalty programme, Live Life Rewards, that treats current account customers with cashback rewards.

By simply registering their Visa card, Bank of Ireland current account customers will be rewarded with cashback offers from well-known brands in Ireland.  Once an offer is activated, current account customers will use their card as normal, and as long as they meet the offer criteria, will be  paid cashback into their accounts, typically within five business days. 

We all like to treat ourselves but sometimes feel guilty for doing so. Indeed, some 23pc of people surveyed admitted they felt guilt after rewarding themselves. The beauty of the cashback programme behind Live Life Rewards is that they have partnered with retailers that Irish people love and shop with on a regular basis, with no need for vouchers, coupons or discount codes, while shopping in-store or online. That means you’ll shop as usual and get rewarded at the same time. For example, currently you could get 15pc back on MyTaxi, 5pc back on Loveholidays and €30 back on €150 spend with Hertz. 

Live Life Rewards is about just that; really living life by enjoying every moment. If you are a current account customer with Bank of Ireland you can register for Live Life Rewards here and start checking out the weekly offers available. Then, watch as the cashback is paid back into your account – it’s a rewards programme that really does work a treat.

Research source: Online survey of 1,026 Irish public on RedC omnibus, February 2018.

Terms and conditions apply.  Bank of Ireland is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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