Wednesday 24 January 2018

Video: See Dublin from 1,500 feet

Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

Social Media Editor Clare Cullen got the opportunity to fly 1,500 feet above Dublin in advance of the Bray Air Display on Sunday the 20th.

Watch the video above to see Dublin from 1,500 feet.

Robbie Redmond is a pilot in the upcoming Bray Air Display on July 20th. Normally the Captain of a Boeing 737 for his employer Ryanair, for the show he will be flying a Boeing Stearman.

I headed up with him on a rehearsal flight from Weston Airport to get a glimpse of what the public can expect on July 20th.

The experience

It's a strange feeling - very surreal. I had the same stomach-flipping sensation I get during take off and landing on commercial airplanes except I could feel the wind in my hair and hear 'alpha, beta, charlie' in my ears.

Seeing Dublin from that height was an experience of a lifetime. When you're not used to seeing Dublin from that angle it can be quite disconcerting. For example, I couldn't pick out the Spire initially as we flew over O' Connell Street as I was expecting it to look bigger from the sky than it did - it looks like a needle from that height!

Before heading up I tried out the flight simulator, which requires you to guide the virtual plane through a series of hoops. I was relieved I wasn't the one flying the plane as I was not successful - missing every hoop then crashing the plane!

Robbie was very calm and very professional, reassuring me that flying vintage planes (or any planes, really) was just like "tying shoelaces" to him.

The flight was much more relaxing than expected, I even managed to take a cheeky Instagram snap while I was up there!

The Bray Air Display Show will be on in Bray on the 20th July and is free of charge. Visitors are advised to take public transport where possible as 85,000 people are expected at the show, but there will be free park & ride facilities available in Bray.

Join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #BrayAir.


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