Sunday 19 November 2017

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Over Half of Companies to Reward Staff this Christmas

Despite the current economic climate, corporate gifting at Christmas is still a popular trend in Ireland according to 65% of respondents to a survey carried out by One4all Rewards among 400 companies nationwide.

The survey, which was conducted online among a broad spectrum of small, medium and large sized enterprises, explores changing trends and attitudes to corporate gifting throughout the last ten years. Although 72% of respondents do not feel obliged to gift at Christmas time, over half of companies surveyed gift their staff each year, while over a third (36%) send corporate gifts to clients.

Saying thank you is the most important reason for sending corporate gifts at Christmas according to 66% of companies, while building client relationships (20%) and customer loyalty (12%) are also key factors.

The majority of companies surveyed rate gift cards and vouchers as the latest trend in corporate gifting (40%), followed by charity donations (31%) and wine (11%) , compared to ten years ago when hampers, wine and whiskey gifts were the corporate gift of choice for most companies.

Jock Jordan, group sales director at One4all, says “In our experience, Christmas rewards to staff vary from approximately €50, the traditional turkey and ham value, to €1,000 and even higher in some cases. Overall, however, most companies gift between €100 and the €250 limit that is allowed for gift cards and vouchers under the small benefit exemption scheme.”

Companies seeking to reward their staff at Christmas can save up to 63% by availing of the Small Benefit Exemption Scheme, which allows them to reward up to €250 in One4all Gift Cards and Vouchers completely tax and PRSI free.

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