Saturday 24 March 2018

Google Consumer Survey - Frequently Asked Questions

The Irish Independent launched Google Consumer Surveys on and

Here are some of the most common questions we’ve been getting from our users:

1. What is Google Consumer Surveys?

Google Consumer Surveys is a market research tool that allows businesses to create online survey and collect data from users online in order to help make more informed business decisions.

Surveys are put together by different companies and served by Google on publishers sites. Surveys are presented on article pages and are anonymous to the user and to the publisher.

2. How often will I see a survey?

You should only see a survey 1 in every 7 articles views. If you don’t you see a survey you may see it again on another article or on your next visit to the site.

The frequency is also determined by the amount of surveys that Google has in its system. Depending on the volume, the frequency will be less.

3. Can I skip a survey?

Yes you can. Users of do not have to complete a survey to read any article.   There is an option to “skip” on every survey.

4. I see a survey every time I come to the site? What’s happening?

The frequency cap used by Google is controlled by a third-party cookie - a small text file stored on your computer. If you delete cookies after a browsing session you may see a survey again when you visit the site. 

5. How are surveys delivered?

Surveys are served to all users through basic targeting criteria. Whether or not you see one will largely depend on your gender, age and location. Demographic information is collected and inferred based a User’s browsing history or cookies. In all cases we will never know your actual identity.

6. How can I manage my cookies?

If you want to know more about how to accept third-party cookies please visit:

• If you use Chrome -

• If you use Internet Explorer -

• If you use Safari -

• If you use Firefox -


8. I still have questions. What can I do?

You can learn more about this service on Google’s site:

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