Friday 18 October 2019

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Nissan to offer deal on free cover

NISSAN is to introduce a free comprehensive insurance scheme as an incentive to buy their cars. Called the `Free for All' it applies to Micras, Almeras (GTi excluded) and Primeras (except 2-litre petrol). Buyers have to be aged between 30 and 69, have at least a four-year no-claims bonus and hold a current EU driving licence.Those not wishing to avail of this can opt for what the company is calling a Free Micra deal. Essentially if you buy a Primera, they also give you a free Micra 3-dr, fully insured for one year, Nissan say.

  • Published on Oct 31 1997

Peace the ultimate prize `America will stay with you in your search for a solution'

AMERICA'S First Lady Hillary Clinton last night reiterated the personal commitment of the US President to the Northern peace process. Mrs Clinton opened her twoday visit to Ireland with a pledge of continued US support for those who were prepared to take risks for peace.``America will be with you as you walk the road of peace,'' she said. ``Making peace among people of different cultures is the work of a lifetime. We are under no illusion that reaching an agreement with be easy.''

  • Published on Oct 31 1997

Hillary's message defies the bombers

US First Lady Hillary Clinton arrived in Dublin last night with a message of encouragement for parties involved in the peace process. Ironically she arrived on a day when renegade republicans tried to sabotage the talks. She made it clear that supporters of violence would find no friends in her husband's administration. But to the peace makers she said: ``America will be with you.''And she also had a message for the unionist parties boycotting the talks. ``When people want peace, there is an obligation on political leaders to find the common ground where peace can thrive,'' she said at a reception in Dublin Castle.

  • Published on Oct 31 1997

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