Tuesday 18 June 2019

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Startup diary: The art of creating market positioning for your brand

Last week I wrote about our market positioning. This is the critical thinking that has to go into your business model and marketing strategy for it all to be effective. We're not talking about 'Mad Men'-style advertising campaigns. Our business is helping people get their work, running and speaking at events, done more efficiently. Like most business tools, our customers are very discerning because there's a lot at stake - people's careers.

  • Published on Jun 13 2019

Startup diary: The ups and downs of management meetings and how to avoid the pitfalls

If you're on the executive team of a startup, especially one that has started to grow, you'll begin to experience the joy of the weekly management meeting (sarcasm intended). Such meetings have been a part of my working life for many years, and I've never been happy with their overall effectiveness. In Voxgig we're trying a new variant to this traditional meeting, and it seems to be working out quite well.

  • Published on May 09 2019

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