Saturday 17 November 2018

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Startup diary: For every €1 you spend in marketing, make €2 in revenue

Our podcast is now live. (A search for voxgig on iTunes will bring it up.) It is, as with most things we do, a soft launch. There's only one episode just yet. Our general strategy for getting things done is accept embarrassment with version 1, and then iterate our way out of mortification. It might be a little painful at the start, but it helps us avoid wasting resources - it's easy to be wrong about what you think people want.

  • Published on Nov 01 2018

Startup diary: The joys of finally finishing a pitch deck and hitting the road

The voxgig pitch deck is done. You reach a point of diminishing marginal returns with anything, and you have to accept that some investors will never write a cheque no matter how gorgeous your slides, or convincing your numbers. At a certain point no further tweaks are going to convince somebody to invest. It's easy to forget you have a business to run when you're deep into fundraising, and keep trying to perfect your materials, but that is not an optimal use of a founder's time.

  • Published on Oct 18 2018

Startup Diary: Billion-dollar question: do the maths on your market before you pitch up

There's a time for every startup to pitch to investors, and our time is now. We're raising a seed round, and I'm putting together our pitch deck. As this is a real-time startup diary, you get to follow along as I build the slides. We're only one slide down so far - the business model, so perhaps we should pick up the pace? No. Before we cover the classic slides (problem, team, competitors, etc), we need to lay some foundations first.

  • Published on Sep 27 2018

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