Saturday 22 September 2018

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Startup Diary: It's now time to ask investors to put money into voxgig

It's time for another investor update. If you're a regular reader, consider yourself an honorary investor in voxgig - you are investing your time reading about my startup after all. We've discussed investor updates previously. The idea is that you send out a detailed monthly or quarterly information sheet to the investors in your company explaining, with numbers, how things are going. You get a taste of these updates in this column on a semi-regular basis and with as much information as I can safely share.

  • Published on Sep 06 2018

How to survive a system crash at your firm

Early last Saturday I was woken up by an urgent WhatsApp message from a staff member: a new user from one of our trial clients was not able to log in to the system and was blocked from doing some urgent work. In the events industry, deadlines are absolutely hard and cannot be pushed - events must take place at the advertised time and place. Our vision is to make life easier for event professionals, not harder by locking them out of our system.

  • Published on Aug 23 2018

Everybody's doing it so why can't we? The pros and cons of startup podcasts

Previously I discussed the newsletter for public speaker that we publish on a weekly basis. The purpose of that marketing activity is to build a community within one of our user groups: public speakers. Our startup, voxgig, is all about building collaboration tools for the conference industry, and public speakers are the most underserved group. The newsletter is working well, and our early success led to over-enthusiastic goalsetting on my part - a mistake.

  • Published on Aug 16 2018

Mistakes, I've made a few: what I've learned in the first year of my startup

When I started to write this startup diary nearly a year ago, one of the main topics that quickly emerged was our newsletter strategy. In thinking very carefully about how to avoid making the common mistake of building a software product that nobody wants to use, I came across the strategy of using a newsletter to validate your potential customer base. You can read all about the planning and thinking that went into that decision in the early articles in this series.

  • Published on Aug 09 2018

Adapt or die: don't try to rewrite your tech history - work around instead

This is the third part of a three-part series on the technology choices that we have made as a startup in our first year of existence, and the consequences of those choices. In part one I discussed our key early decision: don't build any technology and just use existing tools. In part two I discussed our decision to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) without worrying about long-term architecture.

  • Published on Aug 02 2018

Startup Diary: 20:20 hindsight vital to find out where you are on launch mission

Our little startup is nearly a year old. I started development and planning in August 2017, formed the company that September, and hired staff in October. Enough time has now passed to start really examining our decisions with the benefit of distance in time. The whole point of this startup diary is to provide a tool for making better decisions, and we do that by hold a retrospective mirror up to the past.

  • Published on Jul 19 2018

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