Thursday 24 October 2019

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Startup diary: Introducing the ‘no-code’ method to building a software startup - a money-saver for the non-technical

There is one final option for building a software startup when you're not technical: doing it the 'no-code' way. Over the past few weeks, we've looked at your options for getting your software product built or improved when you're a startup with limited coding resources, or none at all. All of these options (consultants, outsourcing, freelancers) have involved getting custom code written, just for you. But there is an alternative strategy, where you defer this for as long as possible.

  • Published on Oct 10 2019

Startup diary: I simply would not hire a company without getting a recommendation - more than one if you can

When you launch a software-as-a-service startup, you'll find yourself needing to get some software built. Last week, we investigated the ins and outs of hiring a consulting firm to do this for you. The bottom line is that it is expensive, and you still need to worry about ongoing maintenance. And you don't get to build out your internal software team, which is essential.

  • Published on Sep 26 2019

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