Wednesday 23 January 2019

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John Masterson: 'Only two more sleeps to Santa... I can't wait'

I have confused feelings about Christmas. I love the lights and the glitz and the shopping and the presents. I like seeing reindeer flying up the walls of houses during these long dark days. We give and get extra hugs this time of year. It all puts people in a good mood. We have time to catch up with people whom we have barely seen during the year. We make the annual pledge to meet more next year. It probably won't happen.

  • Published on Dec 24 2018

John Masterson: I've done the NCT for my car, now it's time for an 'NC Me'

I am good at servicing the car. I usually don't feel very anxious when it comes up for the NCT. If it fails, it is usually something easily fixable and I am happy to have it pointed out, if a little miffed to have to go and do it. Like many people I take better care of my car than of myself. What would an annual, or even monthly NC 'Me' look like? I mean a personal mood and behaviour check that gives an idea that all is running smoothly, or points out some parts of life that need attention.

  • Published on Dec 10 2018

John Masterson: It is time for us to talk... face-to-face please

I have always loved Curb Your Enthusiasm. In one of my favourite episodes Larry David phones Julia Louis-Dreyfus after 8.30pm in the evening. This is apparently a dreadful faux pas in LA. Julia is slow to forgive or forget and Larry, of course, finds it impossible to back down. Ireland is different. I was recently castigated by someone who woke me at 11.15pm and lectured me for about five minutes that it was a ridiculous time to have gone to bed and that I should be ashamed of myself. I didn't dare admit that I was already in bed for a full hour on that particular night.

  • Published on Nov 12 2018

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