Saturday 18 August 2018

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Parents are missing the point about points system

I get very fed up listening to parents talking about their children, as if anyone else on the planet had the remotest interest in their offspring. During the toddler years I just switch off. Then there appears to be some respite as even parents get used to their kids and want a bit of respite like the rest of us. Some years later comes the Leaving Cert and we all have to listen to endless blather about the points system, the stress, the pressure, the unfairness of it all, how they haven't even time to kick a football with all the study, etc, etc, etc.

  • Published on Jul 30 2018

Help, A Day In The Life... and now I Feel Fine

If I have a favourite film it is probably Doctor Zhivago. I can watch it over and over again. I can think of no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than lying on the couch, pressing PLAY, and listening to Lara's Theme setting the mood. That I can spend three hours this way surprises me as usually I am restless once a film goes past 90 minutes. A close second would probably be Three Colours Blue. Again I love the story. I love the music. And I love Juliette Binoche.

  • Published on Jul 23 2018

Ring the changes and have a happy Christmas

I will probably not be forgiven for this but here goes. It is time to think about Christmas. I know it is July but I have a good reason. You can't tell the truth about Christmas in the month of December because the party line is that it is a magical time of year that we have to enjoy with a permanent smile on our face. Funny how if you have a conversation about Christmas in July you learn a lot about how people really feel about it. We all have an emotional link to the few days around December 25 and not all of those links are filled with mirth and happiness.

  • Published on Jul 02 2018

Laugh and the whole world laughs with you

As a teenager I always looked forward to the Reader's Digest arriving. The articles gave an Irish teenager, whose parents had never been out of the country, a window to a wider world. The Digest has a reputation for spreading conservative views and being very anti-communist but that all passed over me. There was enough injustice in boarding school to keep me angry. I still think that if you aren't a bit of a communist as a teenager your moral compass needs attention. The sections I liked best, and read over and over again, were "Humour in Uniform" and "Laughter: The Best Medicine". I would read them out at the breakfast table and bore everyone to death.

  • Published on Jun 04 2018

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