Saturday 21 September 2019

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How to make collaboration and shared innovation work for you

While working with a recent client on a leadership and culture development project, I facilitated a series of workshops in each department where each group was made up of members of that department only. To ensure that the meetings had a practical and commercial focus, we linked the learning to real-life business challenges. In doing that we built plans for developing new markets, sales, customer service, etc.

  • Published on Apr 22 2018

Brexit offering opportunities for Irish firms in fintech area

"I talk about fintech being like a parent and a child, with the bank being the parent and fintech the child. Five years ago, everyone was talking about fintech being disruptive, out to get rid of banks. But five years later, the banks are still here," said Chris Skinner, the world-renowned fintech and financial services expert, who was in Dublin to deliver the keynote speech for Enterprise Ireland's Future of Fintech conference.

  • Published on Feb 18 2018

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