Thursday 20 June 2019

The Science Apprentice Book Collection is back!

Free Science Apprentice book with the Irish Independent at SuperValu!

What kinds of superpowers do our bodies naturally have? How do we make sense of the world? What’s in the air we breathe, and how are the things around us made? 

The latest Science Apprentice series of books for primary school children is on the case, figuring out the answers through hands-on workshops and augmented reality and by asking researchers in Ireland who are themselves exploring these intriguing topics.

Free to collect with the Irish Independent in SuperValu stores every Saturday in November, the Science Apprentice books will encourage children and adults alike to explore the science, technology, engineering and mathematics of the world around us.

The books are produced by University College Dublin and partners and supported by the Science Foundation Ireland Discover Programme and the Environmental Protection Agency.

This series has been co-produced by schoolchildren around the country through interactive workshops and discovery tours. And involved at every stage of the books was the nine-person UCD and Irish Independent Wonder Panel. This group of primary school age advisors worked with the Science Apprentice team to form questions and answers that make the books invaluable to Irish schoolchildren. Teachers, guardians and parents can use the additional learning resources to complement the books. These printable resources and fun activities are free to download from

In the illustrated books – all featuring augmented reality technology – characters Phil and Izzy explore the world around them with the help of their pets Rover and Schrödinger.

The Science Apprentice books are free to collect with the Irish Independent exclusively in SuperValu stores every Saturday in November. They will also be available for schools to order at a reduced price through or by emailing

Saturday, November 3rd: Superbodies

Saturday, November 10th: Up in the air

Saturday, November 17th: Illusion

Saturday, November 24th: How it's made


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