Thursday 22 March 2018

Summer marathon essentials: Top ten fitness trackers

Fitbit Surge Ultimate Fitness Super Watch
Fitbit Surge Ultimate Fitness Super Watch

If you’re training for one of summer’s many marathons then a fitness tracker is an essential bit of kit to keep you on track. Here are ten of the best to help get you on top of your game.

One of Fitbit’s sleekest offerings, the Surge is a powerful bit of tech that allows you to create your own path and track it with GPS. The PurePulse feature monitors your calorie burn with precision, whilst the addition of smartwatch features send notifications straight to your wrist.

Withings Activite Pop Fitness Activity Tracker €144.99 from Argos

Old world meets new tech with Withings Activite Pop- the first merge between analogue watch and fitness tracker. Not only does this tracker look classy but it is jam packed with features. It requires zero charging due to the 8 month + cell battery and when it comes time to charge you simply use the tool provided with your tracker. This nifty tracker can automatically detect and track whether you are running or walking, as well as tracking swimming strokes so there’s no need to count laps.

Intel Basis Peak Activity Tracker Wristband €178.99 from Argos

From the geniuses at Intel comes this slick sports tracker. A perfect all-rounder the Basis Peak provides detailed fitness and sleep analysis including heart-rate during exercise, as well as all your essential smart watch features. And that gleaming white band is ideal for showing off your summer tan.

UP3 by Jawbone Activity and Sleep Tracker €178.99 form Argos

For those who like a side of fashion with their fitness tracker, UP3 by Jawbone Activity’s tracker is probably the most aesthetically pleasing of the bunch, whilst also offering all your favourite features. The multi sensor technology automatically tracks your heart rate, no matter is you are on the go or resting up, whilst the Smart Coach gives you’re a detailed overview of your fitness and health.

Garmin vivofit 3 Activity Tracker, Sculpted Bangle €136.99 from Argos

From the tech experts at Garmin comes this sleek sculpted tracker full of impressive technology. Move IQ Motion Detector ensures total accuracy in recording steps and sleep time whilst Garmin Move IQ can detect different activities like walking, running, biking and swimming making it ideal for those sporty types who like to change it up when training.

Our bargain buy of the bunch, the Nuband Evolve tracker is ideal for multi-sport tracking, with the ability to detect swimming, running, cycling and weights thaks to the tracker’s custom chip. The battery life offers a decent five days of usage, and you’ll stay connected when out and about with Bluetooth 4 connectivity.

TomTom Spark Fit Cardio + Music Black €260.99 from Argos

If you get more from your workout with your favourite tunes then this is the tracker for you. The Tom Tom Spark Fit Cardio has 3GB of storage for your music (that’s about 500 songs) plus GPS tracking, ultisport mode to detect various activites and automatic sleep tracking. This sturdy tracker is water and dust resistant and weighs in at just 49g.

Motorola Moto 360 Sport Smartwatch €249.95 from Argos

Another stylish sports trackers, Motorola’s Moto 360 has all your favourite tracking features, like built in GPS and heart rate monitor, as well as the addition of Android Wear. This wearable technology gives your 4GB of memory and send all your calls, texts and email straight to your wrist.

Microsoft Band 2 Medium €205.99 from Argos

Microsoft mean business with their sports tracker- the Microsoft Band may look small but it is bursting with advanced tech features. While keeping you connected with all your texts, calls and calendar alerts it tracks your heart rate, exercise and calorie burn rate. The motion detectors track data specific with activities like gold and biking, plus you’ll get even more insights with Microsoft Health that gives you specific feedback based on your own activity.

Jawbone UP24 Activity Tracking Wristband €140.99 from Argos

For a slightly more mellow tracker, Jawbone’s sleek and subtle UP24 wristband is all about a rounded lifestyle. The app displays your personal data, with room to add further detail like your meals and mood, whilst the wristband continues to monitor your sleep and activity as a background feature.

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