Saturday 17 February 2018

Lacken enjoy a late walkover

LACKEN got a walkover from Blessington in the Wilson-Buttle Cup at Blessington on Sunday morning; most likely because the 'Blues' were celebrating after winning the Dunne Cup on Saturday and only six or seven could be got out of bed in time to take part in this match.

Anyway, Paddy Toomey's team from Donard-The Glen are running away with this section of the league and look certain to top the table.

The real battle will be between the other three: Lacken, Stratford-Grangecon and Blessington 2 to see who gets through to the final.

At that stage Lacken, who have all their players available for this competition, could be in with a great chance of getting the 2014 season off to a great start by lifting this trophy.

That's how small clubs become big clubs. You will never lift your fortunes by shedding tears, no matter how genuine, into your pint of the black stuff.

The best example you can get of that is the new Leinster Senior club hurling champions, Mount Leinster Rangers. Some day I will bring you that modern day success story.

John Stones and his henchman, Pat Dunne, have worked hard to get this competition started and in keeping it going. They certainly deserve a rest.

See you all again on January 25 and in the mean time a happy Christmas to you all.

Wicklow People

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