Saturday 17 March 2018

Keenan takes charge of Leinster Minor final

WICKLOW don't feature in Croke Park too often and so when a Wicklow man plays an important role in a Leinster final its important to give him ample mention.

Wicklow referee John Keenan was the man in the middle for the minor Leinster final last Sunday and the proud Wicklow man was delighted to get the call.

"I was over the moon when I got the call, I got it about 10 days before the game and I was thrilled, I'm on the Leinster panel for four years now so it was great to get the nod", he said.

We had to ask the question was Hawk-eye at Johns disposal and Johns answer was one filled with excitement!

"It was at my disposal, and it was used too!" laughed John. "The ball went over the post and I wasn't 100% sure so to be safe we went upstairs," informs John.

Were nerves present on the big day?

"Oh God I was nervous alright, but that's a good thing to have you know? We went up early and got breakfast and walked the pitch, the four umpires and myself and then we were wired up with mics and everything is run to the minute, it's very professional," said John.

He has is eyes set on bigger days to come.

"Ah yeah maybe in a couple of years time I might get a Senior final, that'd be fantastic," says John.

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