Monday 22 January 2018

Hurlers make league final

AFTER the Wicklow Senior hurlers demolished Fingal at the weekend it set them up for a Division 2B final with Down which will be played in Navan but their emphatic win will mean they travel to Meath with every hope and every chance of winning despite being underdogs having lost to Down by eight points earlier in the year.

Manager Casey O'Brien was delighted with the win.

"It was a good win in fairness, we could only beat what was put in front of us and we did that, and credit to the forwards for racking up such a score, we needed to make sure scoring difference was up because we had no control over what was happening in Ballycran," said O'Brien.

The manager reckoned there was a particular reason the forwards played so well.

"We have to thank Mick Neary in a way, after he said the forwards had no fire power they really wanted to turn around and drive it home to him that they could do it and they did just that," laughed the manager.

A ridiculous scoring tally of 2-14 from Mickey Lee stole headlines on the day and O'Brien says that's what the man is capable of.

"Yeah Mickey hit 2-14, that's 20 points in fairness, it's incredible and people forget he's only 19 like and Andy O'Brien came off the bench and hit 1-2 after been struggling with an injury so it was all positive stuff, we've a young team too," said O'Brien

A Division 2 football league game had been played on the pitch before the Wicklow game but O'Brien said it wasn't the County Board's fault and in hindsight it wasn't a massive problem.

"I think everyone was surprised there was a game fixed, but it was just one of those things, I don't blame the County Board at all," said O'Brien.

So it's full steam ahead now for the final?

"Full steam ahead now, we're going to be underdogs in this one, but we would prefer that to be honest, we've turned an 18 point deficit against Meath around so why not an eight point one against Down?," asked Casey.

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