Saturday 15 December 2018

Doyle's appointment as projects manager secured


The appointment of Bryan Doyle as projects manager for Wicklow GAA was the first item for discussion at the county board meeting in Ballinakill on Monday night.

Doyle, the former acting CEO of Wicklow County Council, had been described by Wicklow GAA sources in the early stages of his appointment as the new operations manager, but County Chairman Martin Fitzgerald said that the role was that of projects manager and that the operations manager position remains to be filled.

"We're glad to have Bryan on board for one year, maybe more," said Fitzgerald who was chairing his first county board meeting.

"I think it's a very, very good appointment by Leinster and management is delighted to have him," he added.

Victor O'Shaughnessy said that the Wicklow People had said that Bryan Doyle was the new operations manager (issue of December 27, page 27). Martin Fitzgerald stated that this was a "misprint by the Wicklow People", and that "nobody at this table said operations manager".

At no time prior to Monday night's county board meeting was the term 'projects manager' used in interviews between this reporter and Wicklow GAA officials, either on the record or off the record.

The term 'operations manager' was the only term used by Wicklow GAA officials in relation to Bryan Doyle's appointment.

One delegate asked what the difference was between the roles of operations manager and projects manager.

"The projects manager, first of all, is to drive the county review and other commitments.

"Operations manager is a different job altogether," said County Chairman Martin Fitzgerald.

Victor O'Shaughnessy was eager to pursue what exactly was happening with the operations manager position, made vacant by the resignation of Dave Tutty in 2017.

"Does that mean Chairman that there won't be an operations manager or what's happening there with that," asked the Avondale man.

"After one year we will know that, Victor," said Fitzgerald.

"In the next 12 months there won't be an operations manager," he added.

Stratford-Grangecon's Hugh O'Keeffe said that he would like to propose Bryan Doyle's appointment and he hoped it would be accepted.

"We feel honoured and privileged to have a man of such capabilities within the county and with long established association with the GAA.

"I take great pleasure in proposing the appointment," said Hugh O'Keeffe.

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