Monday 23 October 2017

Bitter pill to swallow

Hard to escape the defeat by Leitrim of Wicklow at the weekend but we'll do our best. But, we'll take a small sample of the tweets following the defeat.

The first exhibit is from the good old Wicklow GAA Twitter account who identified one of the causes of the disappointing result.

Wicklow GAA Online @wicklowgaa ·- @emlynmulligan was a thorn in the Garden's side all afternoon #gaa.

But another supporter didn't offer any analysis but, instead, told it like it is.

Conor Finn @Finner7 ·- Can't be losing at home to Leitrim by 9 points lads. #gaa #wicklowgaa.

But it's to soccer we turn our attention to now and this nice little flirty/murderous exchange ahead of the enticing clash of Bray Wanderers and Sligo Rovers which could be very interesting this Friday, especially if Irish wrestling sensation Fergal Devitt has anything to do with it.

On Monday evening, Bray Wanderers Twitter account tweeted the Bray man, asking 'will we see you in the Carlisle this year?

Devitt, who has over 25,000 followers didn't disappoint with his reply: 'I'd love to..maybe myself and David Cassidy can form a tag team vs any two Sligo lads and have a Carlisle carnage cage match?

Although we might question Devitt's choice of partner, Adam Mitchell would probably be our preferred choice, the Seagulls got right behind his challenge, tweeting the Sligo Rovers account to inform them that Devitt had thrown down the gauntlet to any Sligo Rovers players ahead of Fridays game.

However, the Bit O'Red were quick to dash the hopes of Devitt and Bray fans, replying: I've written to the league requesting a tables, ladders and chair match but they insist on football. Next time'.

Wicklow People