Monday 23 September 2019

A successful trip

Martial arts in Hungary

Congratulations to the members of Swift Kick Martial Arts Academy that returned from the WAKO European Championships in Gyor, Hungary.

Their journey began at the beginning of the year with getting ready for the national championships which is the qualifiers to represent Ireland at the European Championships.

They set out with a target in mind and smashed it. Over the two days at nationals they competed in 20 divisions and came away with 15 Junior national titles, six silver medals and two bronze medals.

With eight of the nine members qualifying for the Junior Irish National team to represent Ireland in Hungary at the WAKO European Championships.

Of the eight qualifying members six would travel to represent Ireland those six were Heidi McLoughlin, Jake Carroll, Amy Ledwidge, Leah Kiernan, Sarah Cassidy and Max Miller.

They put in tremendous hard work to get ready for the Europeans and undergone numerous national training sessions with the National Forms and Weapons coach Jessica Grant who is also an instructor at Swift Kick with her brother Ferdia Grant.

As national coach, Jessica was away in Hungary with the national team keeping them focused and prepared for when it was their time to shine.

They were competing in four different divisions such as Creative Forms (CF), Musical Forms (MF), Creative Weapons (CW) and Musical Weapons (MW).

As with nationals, they once again smashed it at the Europeans coming away with a total of six European Championship titles, seven silver medals and five bronze medals, doing themselves, their country, their club and families proud in thbe process.

The individual results were; Heidi; 1st CF, 1st CW, 2nd MW, 3rd MF. Jake; 2nd CW, 2nd MW, 3rd MF, 3rd CF. Amy; 1st CF, 1st MF. Leah; 1st CF, 2nd MW, 2nd CW. Sarah; 2nd MF. Max; 1st CW, 2nd MW, 3rd MF, 3rd CF.

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