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Sport events at festival


Basement Jaxx will perform at the festival

Basement Jaxx will perform at the festival

Basement Jaxx will perform at the festival

Kaleidoscope Music and Arts Festival will introduce an enhanced Sports and Wellness programme as part of this year's festivities.

The family-focused festival made its debut last summer in Russborough House and proved to be one of the big festival hits of 2019.

As music lovers young and old once again ready themselves for June 26-28, Kaleidoscope are pleased to announce that their vast array of sporting activities means dancing to headline acts The Divine Comedy and Basement Jaxx (DJ set) won't be the only way to have all the family up and at 'em over the weekend.

Kaleidoscope are proud to encourage a healthy and balanced approach to living to all attendees and are the only music festival to have incorporated a sports and wellness programme to festivities.

For those who are brave at heart, zoom through the air on the mobile zipline, clamber to new heights on the climbing wall, and see how well you can shoot on target as you get to grips with a bow and arrow and the ancient art of archery - but make sure you don't have your lunch before you head zorbing.

A 3k run will take place on-site bright and early on Saturday and Sunday morning, with a warm-up session on the Front Lawn to stretch out any leg muscles that might be a little sore from dancing the night away the day before.

A GoGym team will be on hand offering GoDance, an aerobic dance workout to challenge the mind and body, GoPump, a rhythmic cardio and core workout, and GoFit, which will certainly have you working up a sweat.

You can also test out the Blessington Greenway and the stunning countryside by hiring bikes from the festival. Morning meditation offered on-site will help you ease the family into the day. Tai-Chi is offered in the Walled Garden and Yoga classes on the front lawn. And don't worry if you're prone to a fit of the giggles as you attempt to achieve some zen in your life, Kaleidoscope's laughter yoga has got you covered too.

Drumming workshops will take place across the festival site. Up to 100 people will come together for the mass participation drumming session in the Zozimus area, while smaller group sessions will take place over the weekend.

Meanwhile, exercise your vocal cords with the Lalala Choir's drop-in singing workshops.

The sports field will play host to a family sports day, with all the old favourites, such as the three-legged race, slow bike race and the egg and spoon race. Soccer matches will please any football fanatics and there will also be rugby and Gaelic coaching sessions.

Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.ie

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