Tuesday 12 December 2017

Letters: Tourist liked the scenery, shame about the dog poo

Dear Editor

As a seasoned tourist all over Ireland and a keen photographer I was passing through Carnew on October 5, 2013.

I must say some of the scenery in this area and the castle and some buildings are fantastic.

I decided to stop my car at the entry to the town and walk down the main street. The sight that greeted me as I walked was nothing less than disgusting.

The foothpaths were covered with dog waste. Every step I took I was side stepping dog excrement. I continued down the town past the castle and along a road called Coolattin road and again dog waste everywhere.

How the people of this lovely town can put up with this disgrace and let the dog owners away with this is beyond belief.

They must have no regard for their own or their childrens' health. Carnew is a lovely town but I will not be telling my friends to visit it.

My final word is to the people of this town, please stand up and tell these people to clean up after their dogs or start to fine them .

Thank you for printing this letter.

John Nolan

Earlesview House


Co. Mayo.

Wicklow People

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