Friday 22 March 2019

Woman's horror as cat food is infested with maggots


Deborah Coleman

An Arklow woman was horrified to find a tin of cat food purchased at her local supermarket recently was infested with maggots.

Yvette O'Beirne purchased the item from Aldi in Arklow and opened it later that evening to make a shocking discovery.

'I couldn't get the usual cat food I buy so I popped into Aldi to get some. I was making dinner for the family and I always feed the cats at the same time of the day. I opened the tin and I just screamed. I couldn't believe what I saw. It was full of white maggots,' she said.

Ms O'Beirne was physically sick at the sight of the maggots.

'I was very sick after it and I just bleached down the entire kitchen. Every white speck I saw, I thought it was another worm. It was the most disgusting thing,' she added.

Ms O'Beirne reported it to the supermarket the same day and recieved a reply from an Aldi official outlining that the packaging could have been faulty.

'Whilst we would not be able to explain the cause of this, it may have been due to a breach in the packaging which has allowed air to enter,' the reply stated.

The company offered her a €10 voucher as a gesture of goodwill, but Ms O'Beirne said that she would be satisfied to see the items taken down. 'I went back the following day and the same batch with the same number was still on the shelves,' Ms O'Beirne said.

A spokesperson for Aldi said that the company had no comment to make on the matter.

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