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Windmills planned for Butter Mountain


AN Irish-based company specialising in renewable energy plans to erect nine 3MW wind turbines at Butter Mountain.

Galetech Energy Developments Ltd. sent letters out to stakeholders living in the area asking them to provide comment on the proposed wind energy development.

Currently IWCM Ltd. is carrying out a detailed project assessment on behalf of Galetech Energy Developments Ltd. in order to confirm the feasibility and suitability of the site for the development.

The proposed windfarm is located to the North East of Blessington and the turbines will give a combined output of 27MW.

Each turbine will measure 85m in height with a rotor diameter of 82m and a height not exceeding 126m from the ground to the blade tip.

It is understood that Galetech Energy Developments Ltd. plan to lodge a planning application with Wicklow County Council for the project.

Cllr. Tommy Cullen says he will lodge his own objection once planning is sought for the development and says there is 'widespread disbelief' within the local community about the proposed wind farm.

'We are talking about nine large turbines. They would completely alter the whole appearance of the landscape.

'The turbines will dominated the landscape and will have a real visual impact on the area. A local person would never get permission to build on Butter Mountain. Galeltech Energy Developments Ltd. must feel confident enough that they will get planning if things have already gotten this far. This would have a very negative and serious impact on house and amenity values in the area. It would also have a detrimental impact on the local environment and wildlife. Then you also have to contend with the shadow flickering effect whereby the blades of a wind turbine cast a shadow over a window in a nearby house and the rotation of the blades causes the shadow to flick on and off.'

Cllr. Cullen adds, 'I don't think there will be one positive gain for the local community. There certainly won't be any economic benefits. The argument for wind turbines has not been proven.'