Wednesday 21 March 2018

Trio rescued after yacht loses mast

Wicklow RNLI towing the yacht. (Photo: Wicklow RNLI)
Wicklow RNLI towing the yacht. (Photo: Wicklow RNLI)

Wicklow RNLI's all-weather and inshore lifeboats were launched on Sunday after a nine metre yacht lost its mast and rigging while racing in Wicklow Bay.

The stricken vessel had three crew-members on board, including two children.

The Coast Guard requested the launch at 3.30 p.m. and the all-weather lifeboat was alongside the yacht within four minutes of launching. Three of the crew were transferred onto the yacht and, as a precautionary measure, the two children were brought onto the lifeboat.

At the time, there was a westerly force three wind, good visibility and the sea state was slight.

The inshore lifeboat crew had the difficult task of recovering the mast and sail - which was still connected to the yacht by rigging - from the sea.

A tow line was established once the mast and sail were recovered and secured and the yacht was then towed to Wicklow Harbour.

Speaking afterwards, Second Coxswain Ciaran Doyle said: 'We located the dismasted yacht about half a mile off Wicklow harbour. As the mast and rigging were lying over the side of the yacht in the water, we got the inshore crew to recover them and once they were secure, we were able to tow the vessel to safety.'

The crew on the all-weather lifeboat were coxswain Ciaran Doyle, Connie O'Gara, David O'Leary, Graham Fitzgerald, Vinny Mulvihill, Peter McCann, Joe Hanlon and John Stapleton, while the inshore lifeboat crew consisted of Alan Goucher, Lisa O'Leary and Dean Mulvihill.

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