Saturday 19 October 2019

Towns vote to be poster-free during elections

Wicklow and Arklow Municipal Districts have voted to be poster free areas when it comes to Local and European elections due this year.

At their respective monthly meetings, the Elected Members of Wicklow Municipal District and Arklow Municipal District passed motions to ban the erection of posters in their respective communities.

Posters will not be permitted on the main streets of Wicklow Town and villages within the Municipal District.

In Arklow, the ban extends from the old N11 at Hill's Garage to the Knockmore Roundabout.

Councillors felt that this would support and show solidarity with the Community Groups and the Tidy Towns committees who work so hard to promote their areas in the two Districts.

They are appealing to the goodwill of the candidates and their agents to respect the wishes of their constituents and to adhere to this request.

Wicklow Municipal District and Arklow Municipal District are calling on all candidates to consider this sensible proposal well ahead of the forthcoming election campaigns and are hopeful that we can progress on this basis.

Wicklow People