Saturday 20 January 2018

They didn't ask, I didn't pay, claims one Bray homeowner

Oppositon to the household tax remains strong.
Oppositon to the household tax remains strong.


'THEY NEVER asked us for it," said one Bray home owner who did not pay the €100 household charge last year. 'I took the view that I hadn't been requested to pay something so I wasn't paying."

The local mother who lives with her partner and their baby in a three-bedroom house in Bray will expect a tax demand of approximately €300 in the new property tax scheme, however she believes that the Government's methodology is a dangerous and irresponsible one.

'I think it could distort house prices even more if the revenue are placing a value on your house. Then what happens if that value dips even more? You are locked in to pay the tax for three years.'

She went on to say that she does not believe this is a fair tax at all. 'My home is in negative equity. Why should I have to pay a tax on something which is of no financial benefit to me?'

The woman added that she will have to dip in to precious savings in order to make any payment in the future.

'I don't think it should be implemented at all,' she answered, when asked how the Government could have introduced the charge in a more fair way.

'People simply cannot afford it.' While the Bray woman does not believe that private rental tenants should be expected to pay the property tax, she does think that local authority tenants should be obliged to. ' They should if everyone else has to.'

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