Tuesday 16 July 2019

Testing times for students

Jenny Dunne
Jenny Dunne

Myles Buchanan

Last Wednesday marked the beginning of the 2019 Leaving Certificate examinations in Wicklow and the air of anticipation was palpable in each school across the county.

Groups of students nervously entered the exam halls in Wicklow town to sit the final tests which conclude their second level education.

There was no signs of any drama at Dominican College Wicklow as students prepared themselves for English Paper 2 on Thursday afternoon. Any early nerves had soon settled once the first exam of the Leaving Certificate schedule was completed.

Jenny Dunne is hoping to go into nursing once her exams are finished. She also had the distraction of attending her brothers confirmation earlier that morning.

'Things have been going all right. I was nervous for my first exam but once you start it becomes a bit easier. English Paper one was okay for the ordinary paper. There was one question which was all about social media so I would say that suited quite a lot of people. Home Economics was actually hard enough. I'm just hoping the right questions come up on English Paper two. I was at my brother's confirmation earlier today so I am probably a bit over-dressed for exams.'

Billie Mernagh is considering a career in social care.

She said: 'Things have been good so far. English Paper one turned out all right. One of the essay questions was on social media so that wasn't too bad. Hopefully the second paper is as good as paper one.

Deirdre McGrane was also pleased with how the exams were going.

'They are going well so far. English Paper one went well. I would like to study Aeronautical Engineering in college so Physics and Maths are two exams I need to do well in.'

Kayleigh Whelan has still to decide whether she will pursue psychology or business once she gets her exam results.

'English paper one went well. I was bit wary of the Home Economics exam but it actually proved to be OK as well. I would be confident enough about English Paper Two, once the right questions come up. Today's good weather was a bit distracting for study but hopefully things will go well.'

Sophie McGlade and Michelle Price were both cramming in some last minute study before their second English exam.

'Things have gone pretty okay so far but I have only sat the two exams at this point. English Paper one wasn't too bad. One of the essays was about us and how we are as a generation,' said Sophie, who wants to study Art History at UCD.

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