Friday 24 May 2019

Tesco store unveils a new defibrillator

Tesco have boosted the chances of saving a life by installing a defibrillator in their store in Wicklow town.

Defibrillation is a treatment for life-threatening cardiac dysrhythmias and uses an electrical shock to reset the electrical state of the heart so that it may beat to a rhythm controlled by its own natural pacemaker cells.

14 members of staff at the Tesco store have already been granted first responder status. The store is also manned 24 hours a day, meaning the defibrillator can be used at any time of the day or night.

Store Manager Brian Kenny explained: 'We already had some staff members who are trained first responders and we just felt it would be a good idea to locate a defibrillator in the store. We carried out some fundraising, like a draw and a raffle, and soon had enough to purchase the equipment. There is a defibrillator in the civic offices and another in the pharmacy opposite the Tennis Club, but, depending on the time of day or week, the civic offices might be open and there is a bit of distance between here and the pharmacy. We bought the defibrillator locally from a first aid store in Rathnew and also purchased some kiddies pads just in case a child has an emergency.'

One member of staff has already put their training into action after administering CPR to a person in difficulty in Arklow, only months after having completed their training.

Wicklow People