Monday 16 September 2019

Sword attack on two horses

Two separate reports of animals suffering horror wounds from blade

Myles Buchanan

Separate but equally savage attacks in Ashford has resulted in two horses receiving horrific wounds from a machete or sword.

The Gardai have been unable to establish a motive and now horse owners living nearby are fearful of further attacks.

Both incidents occurred within days of one another. While the injuries sustained by both animals weren’t fatal, they left the two horses with significant and gruesome injuries.

A lady called to Ashford Garda Station to report on the night of Friday, July 15, that her horse had been injured while out in a field at Glanmore. The horse appeared to have been slashed by either a machete or a sword type implement.

Days later another man called to the station to report his horse had also been injured in a field at Glanmore on the night of Tuesday, July 19. This horse also appeared to have been slashed with a sharp implement.

The two fields where the horses were kept are on opposite sides of narrow lane-way off the main Ashford to Devil’s Glen Road.

Garda Paul O’Sullivan says the savagery of both attacks has shocked many in the local community.

‘We have been contacted by other horse owners from the area who are afraid for the well-being of their own animals. We don’t have a motive for either of the attacks but we are hopeful that someone may have noticed something on either of the nights in question – maybe a suspect car or someone acting in a suspicious manner.

‘The wounds inflicted on these horses were really horrific. There seems to be no obvious connection apart from the fact that the horses were located in the same general area.’

Both animals were taken to a local vet who ascertained that a sword or machete type instrument must have been used.

Gardai are appealing to anyone who can assist with providing information on possible suspect(s) or any type of a lead to help solve this crime.

If you think you could be of assistance contact Wicklow Garda Station on (0404) 60140 or Ashford Garda Station on (0404) 49220.

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