Sunday 16 June 2019

Suggestion third M11 lane should be for buses and car-pooling

Slow-moving traffic on the N11
Slow-moving traffic on the N11

The Co Wicklow PPN Environmental Network met recently to discuss the impact of fossil fuels on our environment and in regards to climate change.

The recent announcement about the extension to the N11/M11 formed part of this discussion.

The Environmental Network agrees with those that believe if a third lane is constructed and used as a normal lane, it will quickly fill-up and in a couple of years there will be talk about the need for a fourth lane.

This prompted the network to write to the Chief Executive of Wicklow County Council, our elected representatives and TDs with suggestions on how to reduce and manage congestion on the N11/M11. One suggestion was to make the new third lane a bus and car-pooling lane; a lane that may be used by buses and only those cars carrying three or more passengers.

Free and easily accessible Park 'n Rides could be provided at all junctions on the N11/M11, while existing Park 'n Rides servicing the Luas and Dart lines could be improved and extended. The numbers of buses using the N11/M11 could also be increased.

The Co Wicklow PPN Environmental Network feel a bus and car-pooling lane will maximise efficiency and sustainable use of the new third lane, enable a much-improved bus service to and from Dublin City and make public transport attractive. It would also reduce the number of cars on the road and form part of a Government approach to Climate Action. It would also help Ireland to reduce the carbon emissions from transport and in particular, the carbon that a new third lane would will produce.

Co Wicklow PPN will also pursue these proposals through their community representative on Wicklow County Council's Transport Strategic Policy Committee.

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