Wednesday 16 October 2019

Sudbury School urgently seeking new premises

Teachers and pupils of Wicklow Sudbury School, which is currently based in Kilpedder
Teachers and pupils of Wicklow Sudbury School, which is currently based in Kilpedder

Wicklow Sudbury School, Ireland's first democratic school for self-directed learning, is in urgent need of a new premises after learning that their current base in Kilpedder is to be sold.

Wicklow Sudbury is a registered charity which first opened in September 2016 and currently enrols 27 students with a significant number of interested families looking for a place for their children at the school. Due to this strong demand, the school is seeking a larger property. That search has intensified after learning that the property they currently reside in is to be sold and they have to vacate the premises at the end of the school term in June.

'Our main goal now is to find a suitable property, somewhere in north Wicklow. The property would ideally be zoned for educational or commercial use or have high potential to have such a use approved, be accessible by public transportation, have ample outdoor space and be at least 600 square meters.

'A school such as this would be a fantastic addition to any community. The students are responsible, have a desire to get engaged in the wider community and share what they learn through concerts, performances and other gatherings they organise themselves,' said Rachel Kuhn.

'We are prioritising any leads in finding a property at the moment. We are also on the lookout for a suitable plot of lands where we could place a temporary building in the interim but a purpose build will take time so that is more for the long term.

'Members of our community have been reaching out for any leads. Our landlord is also very sympathetic and has been helping us out.'

At Wicklow Sudbury students and staff have an equal vote in all decision-making, and students share the responsibility of running the school through various committees and clerkships.

At the same time, students have freedom to determine their own learning paths and how to spend each day.

If members of the public have any contacts that would be useful for their search or would like to get involved themselves, please email the school directly at

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