Wednesday 19 June 2019

Students advised to 'stay calm' as exam season begins

Pádraig Donoghue
Pádraig Donoghue

Simon Bourke

After months of preparation and years of hard work the wait is finally over as the 2019 state exams get underway. All round the county hundreds of students will be sitting their Junior and Leaving Certs today, and the principal of one of Wicklow's leading schools has offered his advice for those heading to the exam hall this morning.

Pádraig Donoghue is the Principal at Coláiste Chill Mhantáin in Burkeen and he kept it simple when asked how students should best prepare.

'Students should take a breath when they turn the paper, stay calm, trust in themselves and remember the guidance of their teachers; underline the key words and plan your answers to the set question. The students are prepared so now it is time to do the best they can on the day and really when the exam is completed just move on to the next exam without all the analysing of the papers and answers,' he said.

Mr Donoghue encouraged students to eat healthily during the examination period and to find time to rest their minds through a balance of exercise, rest and fresh air. Noting that, due to astute subject choice, many students had already received a significant percentage of their total result through project work, bench tests, orals and Classroom Based Assessments, the principal urged those sitting their exams to take confidence from all the work they had completed during their Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate programmes.

With 137 pupils taking their Leaving Cert and 164 their Junior, Coláiste Chill Mhantáin will be a hive of activity in the coming weeks but Mr Donoghue reminded those leaving the school that their final exams need not define their future.

'The Leaving Certificate is one vehicle to a career path but in the modern educational landscape there are many routes to access a chosen career path,' he said as he wished all students the very best during the examination period and commended his own groups for their contribution to the school.

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