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'Stabbed' seal is being cared for


A six-week-old seal was found washed up on the South Beach in Arklow on Friday morning with suspected stab wounds.

The common seal was spotted by members of the public who were walking in the area and was described as being 'very poorly'.

'He was still alive when we got to him but was in poor shape,' said local man Pat Ivory.

'I pulled him out of the water by his legs and we called the seal rescue team. He was very sleepy looking and there appeared to be two stab wounds on his body and one over his eye. We thought that maybe something he had eaten had disagreed with him because he was just lying there and couldn't move,' Mr Ivory added.

A number of concerned members of the public gathered at the scene as Seal Rescue Ireland staff members collected the seal and brought it to their base in Courtown, Co Wexford.

At the time of going to print the animal was stable and was being treated with antibiotics.

Seal Rescue Ireland said that it 'could not comment on the condition of this particular seal.'

This is the second seal in three weeks to wash up on Arklow beach with wounds, thought to have been caused by human hands.

Also, on Friday a second seal pup was reported stranded on Porter's Rocks and a further seal pup was taken to Seal Rescue Ireland two weeks ago which later died.