Wednesday 25 April 2018

Social media sensation Angel settles into her forever home

Remi Le Mahieu with Angel earlier this year
Remi Le Mahieu with Angel earlier this year

After seven years living at ASH Animal Rescue centre, social media sensation Angel has well and truly settled in to her new forever home.

Back in June, Helena and Remi Le Mahieu from the Kiltegan sanctuary made an appeal through social media to find a home for long-term resident Angel, as she was facing into her seventh year at the centre. Thankfully, Dublin couple Cian and Sarah Morris came forward and visited the centre six weekends in a row along with their dog Beau to see Angel.

'They would travel from Dublin to see Angel so she could become familiar with them before making the big move' said Helena.

After such a long time with ASH, it was a bit difficult for Angel at first as she moved to her new surroundings but Cian and Sarah have happily informed ASH that Angel has settled well and loves her home.

Angel, a Jack-Russell-Beagle cross who was rescued in Wicklow town, deserved her big break after she was overlooked by prospective owners time and time again.

Remi and Helena said everyone at ASH is delighted that Angel, once a shy and terrified dog, has finally found a good home and they praised the merits of the social media campaign, which spread the word nationwide.

The animal rescue centre re-homes five to 10 dogs every year who have been there for more than three years. The ASH philosophy is that these dogs deserve a second chance at life, be it one year or seven years later, and Angel is a prime example of this. Helena said there is no need to kill them off; when they are ready, they will find their forever home.

Meanwhile, there are a number of kittens and dogs seeking new homes in ASH and also a hand-reared fox called Freddie who can be sponsored for €50 per year. Freddie was abandoned as a cub and could not survive in the wild and is now well looked after by the rescue team.

For further information see the ASH Animal Rescue page on Facebook or call 059 6473396.

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