Wednesday 24 April 2019

Sneezing problem not to be sniffed at

Cllr John Ryan.
Cllr John Ryan.

Councillor John Ryan raised an issue not be sniffed at last week's meeting of Wicklow County Council - fellow bus passengers failing to properly cover their mouths as they sneeze.

Councillors had just heard a presentation from Anne Graham, CEO of the National Transport Authority (NTA), when the Fine Gael member touched upon the lack of concern showed by some passengers toward their fellow travellers when they feel the need to sneeze.

'I'm a regular user of public transport, particularly the bus, but there is one issue which I have to raise and that is people sneezing all over you. People in this country don't seem to know how to sneeze properly. We teach the children of Ireland how to sneeze properly but I think some of our adults could do with some lessons as well,' said Mr Ryan.

He further suggested that the NTA could run a public transport campaign advising people on how to sneeze without expelling saliva and other foreign particles on any fellow passengers.

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