Tuesday 24 October 2017

Sheep carcass seized from shed

A sheep carcass was seized by Wicklow SPCA from a shed recently in order to examine whether the animal had been killed humanely or not.

Responding to a phone call, gardaí were the first to arrive at the Rathdrum property on Wednesday, September 20.

They found a sheep which had been recently killed hanging up in a back-shed connected to a garage. The man believed to have been responsible for killing the ewe said he had only bought the animal that morning for the purpose of cooking and eating it.

The WSPCA was contacted and took the carcass away for further examination.

There is EU and national legislation in place regarding the slaughter of animals and the methods used. Regulations are also in place regarding the safe disposal of the parts of the animal which are not intended for human consumption, known as animal by-products.

Wicklow People