Sunday 17 December 2017

Sewage seeped into gardens and came up through a bath

Cllr. John Snell said the sewage was ‘running like a river’ in the Hillview estate
Cllr. John Snell said the sewage was ‘running like a river’ in the Hillview estate

SEWAGE seeped into two gardens in Hillview Estate and came up through the bath in one home last weekend.

Cllr. John Snell said the situation was so bad that the 'sewage was running like a river.'

In raising the issue at last week's Wicklow Municipal District meeting, Cllr. Snell noted that there was no out of hours or weekend Irish Water contact for Wicklow. As a result, he was forced to contact Wicklow County Council engineers who aren't actually involved with water treatment or sewage.

'Irish Water doesn't provide an out of hours service and it was only by the grace of God that two county council officials were contacted and acted. Both played a blinder but they are involved with roads now. In fairness, they went out of their way to sort the problem out but it's getting a little bit embarrassing having to ring people who aren't directly involved. It's unfair on them, the residents and us.'

He encountered similar problems the previous weekend.

A local drainage company ended up removing three tanker loads of sewage from Hillview. Cllr. Snell added that nappies and baby wipes were found in the system.

He also wondered if the cleaning of drains earlier that same day in Hillview by a local company had contributed to the sewage problem.

'They came over to have a look at the leaking sewage and then left the scene saying there was nothing they could do. I presume they will leave a bill they expect to be paid.

'I'm not saying they shouldn't be paid but will we be using them again once another drain is blocked? What sort of equipment are they using and is this equipment suitable?'

Hillview Estate has been besieged by problems including flooding, damp and mould ever since residents moved in.

Speaking at the same meeting, District Manager Michael Nicholson said of Hillview, 'we paid for a product that was faulty and wasn't up to standard. It has been the bane of our lives.'

Wicklow Town Council set aside a budget of €20,000 in 2013 to fund a survey of the estate and confirmed that an architectural firm would be carrying out the works soon.

'It should start any day now and shouldn't take too long. We will be looking at every single house.'

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