Sunday 17 December 2017

Sammy the seal pops up on flooded streets

SAMMY the Seal made quite the splash as he took advantage of rising tidal waters and heavy rains on Friday.

Sammy has become something of a local celebrity in Wicklow town, and regularly pops up along the South Quay where customers and staff at The Fish Man treat him to some fishy delights.

Usually people are used to seeing Sammy swimming in the water along the South Quay wall but rising waters on Friday, Saturday and Monday meant the seal was able to amble over the wall and waddle his way across the road toward The Fish Man premises.

Alan Hegarty, also known locally as The Fish Man, says efforts were made to try and get Sammy off the road and back in the water.

'There was a big swell on Friday continuing into the weekend which meant Sammy was able to get up on to the footpath. We were a bit afraid he could get struck by a passing vehicle or something like that so we kept throwing fish into the water so he would jump back in.

'I think he was on to us though as he would just make his way back on to the footpath once he had eaten the fish thrown into the water.

'He certainly caused quite the scene and people were stopping all the time to take photographs. He is already something of a character in town.'

Sammy is a regular visitor to the quay, making daily appearances in the morning, lunch-time and evening for his daily feed. 'We always throw him a bit of fish when we see him around,' adds Alan. 'Kids love coming down to the shop to feed him. He is getting friendlier but we always respect the fact he is a wild animal.'

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