Wednesday 26 June 2019

Residents 'trapped in homes' due to works

Works being carried out by Virgin Media in Wicklow town have been criticised because of a lack of consultation with residents before footpaths are dug up as part of the company's fibre broadband expansion.

At last week's meeting of Wicklow Municipal District, Cllr Gail Dunne said that some residents are unable to get out of their houses when works are taking place, with many receiving no advance warning that the works were due.

'Footpaths around the town are being dug up by Virgin Media. The works started where I live on Wednesday and no one could get out of their houses. Barriers were put up. Virgin Media said they sent out letters in advance. Maybe they did, but I certainly never received one. There were also meant to be follow-up visits. Again I received none, unless they were carried out during the day when everyone is at work.

'We were told the barriers would be removed in time for the weekend. They weren't. Who is keeping an eye on these fellows? Because as far as I am concerned, they are doing whatever they want,' said Cllr Dunne.

Cllr Dunne also said that recent road works carried out along the Dunbur Road were not of the standard required. 'I don't think the finish is anywhere near up to standard and a lot of people have been giving out. I think we will need to meet with Irish Water before they start their works and their record of restoring roads isn't the greatest. It's still dreadful when you turn into Seafield'.

Wicklow People