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Residents baffled by foul stench in Glenealy village


Glenealy village is being besieged by a foul odour which is driving local residents to distraction.

The cause of the stench remains unknown but it has been compared to rotting animal carcasses or chicken slurry.

The Environmental section of Wicklow County Council has paid two recent visits to the village to monitor the situation but appear none the wiser as to what is producing the horrible smell.

Anne Hogan of Glenealy Tidy Towns said the whole village is mystified by the situation.

'It's been happening now for the last few months. It seems to come and go but the smell from it would make you sick.

'The stench covers the whole of the village all the way up to Deputy's Pass and Black Hill. Lots of people have been commenting on it. One person said it smelt like chicken slurry and another said of animal carcasses. It's definitely not from Ballynagran landfill. We just don't know what it is,' she said.

The stench was particularly strong during the prolonged spell of good weather, forcing many Glenealy residents to keep their windows shut. Motorists passing through the village have also experienced the smell.

'You had all this beautiful weather but most homes in Glenealy had to leave their windows shut,' said Anne. 'The close weather just made the smell worse. It doesn't seem as noticeable when there is a bit of a breeze. Even vehicles passing by have stopped and commented on the smell. People aren't happy but we have no idea where the smell is emanating from. It's still a complete mystery. We have a lovely little village but this smell is unbelievable and is completely out of our control'.

Wicklow County Council will continue to monitor the situation over the coming weeks.