Monday 22 July 2019

Resident lashes out at Emoclew Road condition

Emoclew Road in Arklow
Emoclew Road in Arklow

Deborah Coleman

Road improvement works in the Emoclew Road in Arklow cannot come soon enough, a concerned resident has said.

A local homeowner, who did not wish to be named, lashed out at the condition of the roads near his property and said that between uneven surfaces and constant dog fouling, those living the area are putting up with 'an absolutely scandalous' situation.

'The condition of the roads is appalling. People are using torches when they are out walking so they don't trip over. The amount of traffic that uses the road daily is like that of the M50 and there are many, many children going to school and sports clubs in the area. Something has to be done,' he said.

The resident also expressed concern about the dog fouling health hazard.

'I try to keep the pathway in front of my home clean and tidy, but the other day I came out to find that a dog had fouled the path near by gates and the owner had just left it there. People should clean up after their dogs so that others do not step in it. This happens constantly all the way up and down the road. It's a health hazard and it's disgusting,' he added.

According to local Councillor Pat Fitzgerald, work is to commence as soon as possible on the road surfaces on Emoclew Road.

'The sum of €40,000 was approved in this year's Discretionary Spending Budget and the officials agreed with me that it must happen as soon as possible. I will be working to get things happening up without delay. I have had many calls from concerned residents in the area and I agree with them that the road is not in a good state,' he said.

Works are due to start before April and will include a low cost safety scheme pedestrian crossing.

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