Wednesday 26 June 2019

Removal of ramps 'not too much to ask'

Lorries crossing ramps causing excessive noise

Concerned residents gather in Abbey Street to highlight the issues with ramps
Concerned residents gather in Abbey Street to highlight the issues with ramps

Deborah Coleman

Residents from over 60 households in Arklow stretching from Lower Tinahask to Liam Mellowes Avenue have called on Wicklow County Council to once again consider the removal of ramps near their homes, which they say are causing them 'great stress and strain'.

A number of those affected gathered in town yesterday morning where they reiterated their call on the council and highlighted that a petition, signed by a representative from every household affected, has been created.

The move follows a discussion at a meeting of Arklow Municipal District earlier this year, where it was said that senior engineering staff recommended leaving the ramps in situ, on road safety grounds.

The residents deny claims that 'most people' want the ramps to be retained and say that the vast majority of residents from these 60 houesholds, as per the petition, are unhappy with the situation.

They say that the situation of heavy goods vehicles passing by their homes six days a week, from early morning until the evening, is made even worse by the ramps which, when struck by lorries, cause excessive vibrations and noise.

'Local people know that the town must accept the vehicles in question for the necessary employment they bring to our community.

'All we ask is that our local councillors observe the stress and strain that this constant traffic is having on what can only be described as the old and vulnerable part of Arklow, and then, on reflection, put in place some measure to alleviate the situation. This surely should not be too much to ask for,' the residents said.

They have called on the council to look at positive alternatives and not just the removal of ramps, for example, traffic calming, additional pedestrian crossings, modification of ramps to reduce vehicle impact, additional signage noting speed restrictions and/or time restrictions for HGVs in the area.

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