Tuesday 20 March 2018

Railway staff come to aid of distressed man on tracks

Arklow train station
Arklow train station

Deborah Coleman

The family of a man who was rescued in a distressed condition from the train tracks at Arklow Railway Station have commended the Irish Rail staff for their professionalism and compassion.

The incident took place at the local station in recent weeks when the 16:37 Connolly to Rosslare train was en route to the station.

Communications manager at Irish Rail Barry Kenny said that a report was made of a person in distress on the line.

'The driver brought the train to a halt and the driver and a member of the station staff assisted the man from the line onto the platform. They called the emergency services and stayed with the man until they arrived and he was taken into their care,' Mr Kenny said.

He added that while this type of incident is not very regular, there have been tragic incidents on rail lines in the past.

'This is something we certainly need to be vigilant of. Tragically, in a lot of circumstances there have been fatalities.'

Mr Kenny said that the man's family made contact with Irish Rail to commend staff for their actions.

'We have had contact from the young man's family and they said they are grateful to the staff for their professionalism and compassion. We hope that the man is making a good recovery and getting the necessary care.'

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