Monday 17 June 2019

Plans for third lane in Kilmacanogue

Works welcomed but concern over access to N11 from homes

Cllr Derek Mitchell.
Cllr Derek Mitchell.
Cllr John Ryan
Cllr Chris Fox.

Myles Buchanan

Plans are under way to create a third lane, separate from the main southbound dual-carriageway, between Bray and Kilmacanogue.

A separate 50km/h parallel lane will be provided from Bray south junction to Kilmacanogue and all access and exit points from premises will be from that lane.

The main N11 will be separated by a raised section and posts, with a speed limit of 80km/h or 100km/h. The cost is estimated at €2.5 million and work is expected to start this year. The project aims to improve road safety, particularly by the Circle K (formerly Topaz) petrol station in Kilmacanogue.

At last Monday's meeting of Wicklow County Council, Cllr Chris Fox questioned why residential properties in the area were still to access the N11 directly. He felt closing off direct access onto the N11 should have been included. However, he felt the proposed works had some plus points.

'It does have some positives. There have been lots of concerns following the upgrade of the N11 and the way the road was left is not a glowing tribute to the designers.'

Cllr Irene Winters, as someone who passes that stretch of road daily on her way to work, was delighted with the safety measures.

She said: 'The petrol station poses a real hazard. I think we should look at extending the cones further back so they are not at the same speed of traffic when exiting.'

Cllr Derek Mitchell requested that access would be provided at the back of the houses with a new cul de sac road.

'There was a proposal a few years back to do something very similar,' he said.

Cllr Steven Matthews also welcomed the works as a 'small but important step' but thought rear access would have been the better option.

Cllr Joe Behan also felt the safer access for residents would be rear access and asked that the works don't take place during the busiest times of the day traffic-wise.

Cllr John Ryan said the residents of Kilmacanogue have to be the 'most patient' in the country.

'Kilmac has the dodgiest bridge in Ireland going over that road. Kilmac as a village was left completely divided.'

He added: 'Previously we did put forward this proposal and we were told that it can't be done so I am glad now to see that it can actually be done after-all.'

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