Thursday 23 May 2019

Planning sought for 20 Dunlavin houses

Myles Buchanan

A planning application has been lodged with Wicklow County Council seeking permission to construct 20 semi-detached homes in Dunlavin.

Problems with sewage and water capacity down the years has held up construction in the west Wicklow village, with no completed housing developments taking place for over 15 years.

Liam Burke is seeking permission to construct 20 semi detached, two storey dwelling houses at Dunlavin Upper, with connection to public foul and surface water drains, alterations to existing entrance at Church View, Dunlavin, connection to public water main and all other side developments.

Cllr Edward Timmins feels the housing development would prove a boost for Dunlavin.

'I would be supportive of the application. Firstly a lack of sewage capacity held back development in Dunlavin. When that was sorted, water became the issue. There have been a number of refusals as a result of an inadequate water supply. There hasn't been a completed development like this in Dunlavin for well over 15 years. It's an area which is ideal for development due to its location. Dunlavin needs houses and needs development,' said Cllr Timmins.

A lack of sewage capacity had previously been responsible for curtailing development in Dunlavin, resulting in a €5.5 million investment in a new wastewater treatment which was completed in 2016. However, water capacity problems then rose to the surface.

Earlier in the year Irish Water carried out recent Hydrogeological investigations in order to secure a safer and more secure water supply.

'I have been in talks with Irish Water about a few different angles to look at and different sources for an adequate water supply. Hopefully the problems will be sorted later in the year,' said Cllr Timmins.

Submissions regarding the Dunlavin development have to be lodged with Wicklow County Council by May 14. A decision on the application will be made in June of this year.

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