Wednesday 26 June 2019

Planning denied for proposed museum

Planners say facility would have negative impact on glendalough

Myles Buchanan

Wicklow County Council has refused planning permission for a 200sqm museum in Glendalough, with planners insisting that the development would have a negative impact on the visual amenities of the area.

Joe O'Neill lodged a planning application with the council on April 26 seeking permission for a single-storey 200sqm museum; a connection to existing pumped foul sewer drain; a revised site entrance and to realign the existing boundary wall to achieve sightline; a proposed new access road to museum and 153 car parking spaces; a new buffer zone to Glendassan River; to raise the existing ground level for the parking area by 1.2m above the buffer zone ground level; and for a new wellbore and associated site works.

The museum was to be located at Brockagh in Glendalough but the application was refused permission last last month.

Planners found that the proposed development 'would not be effectively assimilated into the landscape and, as such, would form a strident and obtrusive feature in this sensitive rural area. The proposed development would therefore have a negative impact on the visual amenities of the area and would be contrary to proper planning and sustainable development.'

Concerns were also raised over the planned location for the museum, with the site based within an existing floodplain which is identified as having a moderate probability of flooding.

Insufficient information was submitted regarding the need and justification for the large car park and the proposed material to be used for the access road and car park surfaces.

It was felt that to permit planning permission in the absence of this information could result in 'a development that is not necessary' and could cause 'a traffic hazard and create a visual scar' on the landscape' contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area. There was also a lack of information provided in relation to the proposed type and form of museum or justification for the need to locate the facility in that particular location.

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