Tuesday 21 November 2017

Phone thieves caught after men give chase

TWO THIEVES who brazenly robbed the state solicitor, Rory Benville, as he sat eating his lunch in Holland's last Thursday experienced the long arm of the law as they were pursued by four men, three of whom are in the legal profession.

On Thursday, shortly after 2pm, two men entered Holland's on Bray's Main Street and one of them approached Mr. Benville and his lunch companions, state prosecutor Paul Murray, barrister John Ward and Shay Fitzmaurice of the Wicklow Times.

The man tried to sell a sports related newspaper to the four men who refused but the man was quite insistent.

However, he eventually left the table and moved quickly to the door of the pub where he was joined by the second man.

Quick as a flash Mr. Benville realised the sale of the paper had been a ruse and realised his phone was missing and had been stolen during the exchange.

Mr. Benville, Mr. Murray and Mr. Ward quickly gave pursuit as did Brian Holland of Holland's Bar.

The four men chased the duo up the Main Street before quick thinking Mr. Ward flagged down a passing female motorist and gave chase in the car.

Mr. Ward managed to stop the thieves who were quickly arrested and brought to Bray Garda Station for questioning.

The phone was recovered and returned to Mr. Benville later that evening by gardaí.

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