Monday 23 October 2017

Parents' anxious wait on the future of Woodmount House

Woodmount House in Arklow.
Woodmount House in Arklow.

PARENTS of young children attending Woodmount House in Arklow had an anxious wait yesterday evening (Tuesday) for clarification about the future of the facility.

The early-intervention centre, which is an arm of St. Catherine's Services, provides pre-school education for children with special needs in Arklow.

Parents were left in despair this week as they were unable to get confirmation of whether the school would continue to operate in September after some received phone calls to inform them that their children would not be catered for in Arklow and that they would have to travel to Newcastle instead.

Despite numerous calls from parents, the Board of Management was unable to clarify the situation prior to a board meeting yesterday evening.

Chairperson Stephen Donnelly said that a statement would be issued in the usual way to parents after the meeting had concluded and he refused to be drawn on the future of Woodmount House.

In an open letter to the Board of Management, parents described it as unacceptable that rumours were all they had by way of information and sought urgent clarification on the matter. 'We find ourselves in the position where rumours are all we have at present and this is unacceptable, this situation is causing huge amounts of distress to parents who are already in a very vulnerable position in a time of high stress and emotional upheaval with regard to the most basic of things – the education of their children.

Some of us have been informed that the entire facility is closing, some have been informed that it is only the HSE classes that are effected while others have had written offers for places which they have accepted and are unsure now whether these offers still stand,' the letter stated.

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