Sunday 20 October 2019

Manager of Gaol on unpaid stress leave amid bullying claims

Enterprise park chairman urged to reconsider role

Cllr Garret Reilly outside Wicklow Gaol
Cllr Garret Reilly outside Wicklow Gaol

Myles Buchanan

THE chairman of Wicklow Enterprise Park Ltd. has been asked to reconsider his position in the wake of a dispute heading to the Labour Relations Commission.

Martina Robinson, the former manager of Wicklow Gaol, is currently on unpaid stress leave. Allegations over bullying have been made and the matter is now going to the Labour Relations Commission.

Local traders have praised Ms Robinson for rejuvenating the fortunes of Wicklow Gaol since she took over its management on behalf of Wicklow Enterprise Centre in 2009. However, recent developments have left many in the town questioning how successful the gaol will continue to be without Ms Robinson at the helm.

'Speaking as a representative for the retailers in the town I know how concerned they are that Martina stay on as manager of the gaol,' says Cllr. Garrett O'Reilly.

'We were informed that she is on stress related sick leave. The takings in the gaol are already down as much as 47 per cent compared with last year. My fellow councillors and myself will only be happy when Martina Robinson resumes her position.'

Since the bullying row emerged three other members of the Enterprise Park board have resigned. Now Cllr. O'Reilly is calling on board Chairman and former County Manager, Blaise Treacy, to reconsider his position.

'There are big questions over the credibility of the board and the manner in which it is comprised. I have no idea who is right or wrong in this case and have had no contact with either of the parties involved, but when I hear three members of the board have resigned, especially when I see the calibre of the people involved, I have to say I have grave concerns myself. I am fully aware of Martina's considerable contribution to the local economy.

'These allegations of bullying undermine the hard work being carried out. I would respectively call on Blaise Treacy to consider his position on the board and think about the good of the town.' This is the second incident involving the board which has been brought to the Labour Relations Commission.

'In the previous case a financial settlement was reached and the individual involved stepped aside. This is not what we want to see in this case. We want Martina back.'

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