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Lorikeet Hippy back home after adventure


Marjan Borgers' pet bird Hippy is home again

Marjan Borgers' pet bird Hippy is home again

Marjan Borgers' pet bird Hippy is home again

An Arklow woman has spoken of her delight after her beloved pet bird, who was missing for two days, was found safe and well.

Marjan Borgers's pet lorikeet, Hippy, went missing on Sunday from the Beech Road area, but was found two days later in a garden in Woodlands estate.

Speaking to this paper, Marjan described Hippy's safe return home as a 'miracle'. Native to Australia, lorikeets eat a special diet of nectar and fruit and there were concerns for Hippy's well-being after he decided to fly away from home.

'Hippy is very friendly and chatty. He makes sounds and can say two phrases "what's up" and "what's wrong". I'd describe him as a bird with his own mind,' Marjan said.

On Sunday, Marjan was cleaning Hippy's cage when the door of her kitchen opened. The brightly coloured bird decided to visit some of Marjan's other pet birds outside.

'He got out through a gap in the fence. He was walking on the concrete, but then he decided to use his wings.'

Hippy's distinctive call was heard from trees in the Beech Road area by Marjan's friend, who joined in the search efforts. However, Hippy refused to come down from the branches. Later, Hippy was spotted near the Glenhaven factory.

On Monday, the search for Hippy resumed. However, he could no longer be heard singing and chatting in the Beech Road area. Later, Marjan got the happy news that Hippy had been found safe and well in Woodlands estate.

'The hero of this story is Mati Blachnia. Hippy landed in his garden where Mati was drinking coffee. He managed to pick Hippy up and bring him inside.'

After posting a photo of Hippy online, one of Mati's friends said they had seen the colourful bird on the 'Arklow Lost and Found Pets' Facebook page. Mati got in contact with Marjan who was delighted to be re-united with Hippy.

'Without Mati, Hippy wouldn't be alive. It's a miracle. I'm very happy. In my heart, I'd say goodbye to him because birds can fly so far away and I didn't know where he could be. He was found in Woodlands estate so he flew over the N11 and the Avoca River.'

Marjan thanked everyone who helped in the search for Hippy and to bring him home.

'This is such a good story. Hippy is still very tired after his adventure, but he's happy to be home,' Marjan added.

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