Monday 22 January 2018

Local youths scoop two top songwriting awards

A GROUP OF youths from Wicklow town and West Wicklow had something to sing about last Wednesday after they scooped a top award at the CraftZone Songs From The Youth music awards.

The students took home the 'Best Vocal Duet' and ' Best Female Solo Performance' awards respectively.

The awards show, which was organized by CraftZone, was part of a series of songwriting workshops designed to give youths the opportunity to create, share and connect through music.

Throughout 2012 CraftZone facilitated songwriting workshops across the country with youthreach and both secondary and national schools. The result is an aweinspiring collection of heartfelt songs that captures the imagination, angst and hopes of the youth of Ireland of today.

Wicklow Town's song ' We're going through changes' is a wonderful example of this inspiration and reveals the innate talent and raw musical ability that seems to flow naturally from many of our youths today. While Katie Phibb's beautiful voice in 'Meant to Shine' won her the best female solo performance award for West Wicklow.

The show acknowledged the creative achievements of the teenagers in a ' Grammy' style multi-media event. CraftZone treated the guests to a visual feast for the senses and live music from emerging electro pop outfit, Miracle Bell, Kasey Smith (formerly of Louis Walsh's Wonderland) and others.

Both 'We're going through changes' and 'Meant to shine' along with other tracks from Songs From The Youth are now available as free downloads from A small donation would be very welcome to cover costs and help with future projects.

If your school, youthreach centre, youth / community group would like to take part in the 2013 Songs From The Youth project please get in touch with CraftZone to make arrangements.

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