Friday 19 July 2019

Large work trucks and lorries are blocking up estates

Residents of a number of housing estates in the Wicklow District are complaining that large trucks and lorries are causing 'aggravation' and 'annoyance' because of their size.

Cllr Shay Cullen raised the matter at last week's meeting of Wicklow Municipal District, having received reports from residents of both private and local authority estates concerned about the safety implications of parking such large vehicles in built-up areas.

'These are very large vehicles. We are talking about rigid lorries full of products like stone and such,' said Cllr Cullen. 'They are creating an annoyance for residents. The vehicles are mostly owned by companies and the employees of the companies are bringing them home with them. I have no issue with that but they are causing major traffic congestion and are damaging the roads in these estates. I don't think the gardaí have the right to move them on but it is a safety issue. It's something we need to deal with and it is causing aggravation'.

Cllr Irene Winters had received similar complaints, with the size of the large trucks restricting the view of motorists driving in affected estates.

'A lot of estates don't have full-width roads and some of theses lorries are for quarrying so they are very large. It's a safety issue for motorists and for kids who run out onto the road from behind the lorries and motorists views are restricted. In some cases cars are finding it difficult to get past them'.

Cllr Winters wondered if the problem could be tackled from an insurance perspective.

'I'm sure these vehicles are insured to be in the yard at night. The companies employ the drivers and I'm sure they say to them you have to put it somewhere safe at night. I don't imagine they are thinking of a housing estate. Also, I have witnessed myself kids starting to climb up the vehicles, which presents further dangers'.

Wicklow Municipal District Cathaoirleach Cllr Daire Nolan suggested getting the Garda Traffic Corp involved.

'If it is a case of a vehicle obstructing the road then the gardaí can step in. The Traffic Corps might be an idea to liaise with. If complaints have been received, whether it is a private or public road, then the Gardai can play a part'.

Wicklow People